• VoiceINV-Med

    Voice Inventory App for surgery centers and clinics

    Stop Typing • Start Talking

  • We enable you to focus on the task at hand and let voice technology work.

    Stock counting methods haven't really advanced in decades. Scanners and scale are so 1980's. We leapfrog over digital apps and cameras to VoiceTech + AI, a far more natural user interface.
    We first built and published Voice Inventory for foodservice, counting liquor bottles and prime rib. Then a surgeon asks if we could count anything else. Of course, we can count anything!


    VoiceStar is a voice technology software company with Silicon Valley roots headquartered in Dallas, Texas.


    To learn more about how voice technology and healthcare work together, please reach out to us at VoiceStar.ai

  • Do you like taking inventory?

    We've changed everything using advanced voice technology and AI.


    See it. Say it. Count it

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    Medical Supplies

    One person. Your phone + VoiceStar

    Large items, small items all need to be counted. Knowing your stock counts helps reduce waste, pilferage and makes ordering easier.

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    Surgery Centers

    One person. Your phone + VoiceStar

    Before every surgery and after surgery, every instrument and supply items must be counted to ensure accuracy.

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    Surgery Center - Voice Inventory

    Save valuable time and manage your surgery center or clinic more efficiently with VoiceINV-Med. Talk, don't type!


    Download the iOS app then contact us to register.

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